— who we are
we are speed, a proactive, creative and commercially driven London and Bristol based communications agency.

— what we do
we go further. we help businesses gain a real commercial edge through effective communications.

— our mission
be brilliant. every day.

— we are proactive
the most proactive agency you’ve ever worked with.

— we are commercial
business people that won’t waste your money on stuff that doesn’t make a difference.

— we are creative
we use clever insight to create great ideas that are well produced and delivered brilliantly.

— we are connected
we are really well networked and use this for the benefit of our clients every day.

— we are straight talking
we are easy to work with, we won’t spin you a line.

— we are determined
we are terriers, results are everything and we never report on failure,we are always on.

— we are supportive
we will work hand in hand with your team, we care.



Latest Blog Posts

Speed Communications announced as top 10 B2B PR agency

Speed has been ranked as one of the UK’s top B2B PR agencies in B2B Marketing’s inaugural 2015 B2B PR Agencies Report. This is an incredible achievement and one which we owe to our great clients and brilliant team of specialists that consistently produce brilliant, award-winning work in their drive to deliver real business success. […]


Hashtag horrors: six times promotional tweets went badly wrong

Penguin UK is the latest company to fall foul of unfortunately worded hashtags. To promote Mother’s Day, the company offered followers free gift advice if they tweeted them with #yourmum. Whether this was intentional or an innocent gaffe, the hashtag has sent the Twitterspere into flurries of parody tweets, none of which we can repeat […]


WhatsApp with Twitter? How top social platforms compete

Twitter just got hench. Flexing its muscles (or flapping its wings) alongside its biggest competitors, WhatsApp, Youtube and Facebook, Twitter has made another move on the great social networking chessboard. The platform has just rolled out a native mobile video camera feature which means you can film footage up to 30 seconds from inside the […]


Davos 2015: Key topics at The World Economic Forum

At the end of last week and into the weekend, the world’s elite – business leaders, government officials and celebrities – congregated at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss the critical global issues currently at play. Those discussions will inform the key themes that businesses will be talking about for the next […]


Exciting New Chapter for Speed Communications

The mission acquires Speed Communications to form new Agency with Bray Leino PR Agencies set to combine existing portfolios and specialisms to form dynamic new PR Agency The Mission Marketing Group plc (the mission), is pleased to announce the acquisition of Speed Communications (from Writtle Holdings) and the concurrent merger of Speed and Bray Leino […]


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