— who we are
we are speed, a proactive, creative and commercially driven communications agency.

— what we do
we go further. we help businesses gain a real commercial edge through effective communications.

— our mission
be brilliant. every day.

— we are proactive
the most proactive agency you’ve ever worked with.

— we are commercial
business people that won’t waste your money on stuff that doesn’t make a difference.

— we are creative
we use clever insight to create great ideas that are well produced and delivered brilliantly.

— we are connected
we are really well networked and use this for the benefit of our clients every day.

— we are straight talking
we are easy to work with, we won’t spin you a line.

— we are determined
we are terriers, results are everything and we never report on failure,we are always on.

— we are supportive
we will work hand in hand with your team, we care.



Latest Blog Posts

Hello gorgeous!

Speed has had a bit of a refresh. New logo, new look and feel and a new website on the way. But as we all know, looks aren’t everything. While we’ve had a makeover externally, something much more fundamental has happened within the business. We’ve spoken at length to the market, done a bit of […]


September: The most important month of the year?

For me, this year – quite possibly. It is the month I return to Speed after a fantastic, scary, challenging and rewarding year on maternity leave. But having dug out my heels, navigated the nursery run and boarded the commuter train in from Surrey, I had a precious 27 uninterrupted minutes for some iPad newspaper […]


The back office heroes of PR

In our day-to-day jobs we tend to focus on the big picture work we do. Whether it’s ingenious client consultation, quirky creative campaigns complete with skinny jeans and Ray Ban spectacles, or new business backslapping, we just love congratulating ourselves.   Yet very rarely do we stop and applaud a bloody good forecasting spreadsheet or seamless […]


My Protein Project – The Art of Supplementation

I am now entering the third week of my muscle hypertrophy phase, fifth week of my Maximuscle Protein Project . The last couple of weeks have been a little tougher as the excitement dwindles and the 5.40am starts become slower. Nevertheless I’ve kept going and feel much more confident in the gym, seeing great progress […]


My Protein Project – Preparation is Key

Week three of my Maximuscle Protein Project and things are going really well. As I mentioned last week, I’ve been through two weeks of strength and conditioning and have just started the muscle hypertrophy phase. My DOMS phase is decreasing as my body gets used to being worked, allowing me to train harder and, thankfully, […]


My Protein Project – Setting a Base

The start of any training regime can be daunting. A lot of people struggle with the notion of where to start – I know what I want to achieve, I know how long I want it to take but how am I going to get there? I have now completed two full weeks of my […]


Interview with an Intern – Toby Bradshaw

Today we say farewell to Toby Bradshaw who has been interning with us for the last two months. It’s been great having him on our pod, whilst his dress sense is questionable, his energy and work ethic has been fantastic. Toby offered up some insights into why PR appeals to him, his experience with Speed […]


My Protein Project – Time to Change

Following the success of the three Maximuscle Protein Project contestants, Oli, David and James, I have decided to take on my own Protein Project. Maximuscle are one of our clients and this was a PR campaign that I completely immersed myself in. I was involved from conception through to the ‘Wrap Party’ and I continue […]


It’ll be alright on the night

The night before any event I get those butterflies in my stomach. No matter how much preparation time you allow beforehand you can never truly guarantee that little unforeseen circumstance won’t rear its ugly head! But earlier this week I helped run one of the most successful events of my career to date. Finding the […]


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