Speed 1: Media Commentators 0

On Wednesday we told Communicate Magazine that News International needed to pull their finger out and get on the front foot saying that it wasn’t enough to sack Wade but radical action was needed including shutting down the NOTW. That comment was posted today.

So we’ll chalk that one up and make our next prediction: News International are going to struggle to offer the ad space for free to good causes and charities. For the very same reason that commercial advertisers were withdrawing for fear of being associated with such a tainted brand, why would good causes and charities not feel the same way? Not quite such a bold prediction I’ll admit but they’d better have a back-up plan. Maybe they could just right “sorry” in big letters on every ad space?

And as for Wade still keeping her job…unbelievable! Let’s just say that the crisis is far from over for News International and News Corporation. But they need to stay on the front foot that’s for sure and actually do some crisis planning because it really doesn’t look like much has been happening to date.

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