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Five tell-tale signs that PR is the career for you

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Lizy Kidwell
Account Manager

The UK PR industry is now worth a whopping £12.9bn, which is up £3bn in three years according to the latest PR Census. This rate of growth is only going to increase, as technology continues to shake up journalism and content generation. There has never been a more exciting time to get involved.

Choosing the right career path can be one of the most challenging decisions to make and often it’s difficult to know what a job will be like, until you get stuck in. However, there are some obvious skills you can consider when thinking about entering a career in public relations.

You crave variety

No one day is ever the same in PR. From hitting the phones for a major media sell-in, to hosting an event for journalists and key stakeholders, every day is different. So, if you want a career that is exciting, fast-paced and diverse, this could be the line of work for you.

You spend your life consuming media

To be successful in the world of PR, you must love reading, learning and consuming all types of media. So, if you have your finger on the pulse and spend your time scrawling the side bar of shame on Mail Online, closely monitoring BBC News and can name your top five journalists off by heart, a career in PR could be calling your name.

Writing is your passion

Whether it’s drafting a press release at short notice, or researching and developing a whitepaper, developing content in its many shapes and forms is a fundamental part of a strong communications professionals’ tool kit. Have you always enjoyed writing? Dreamt of a career that enabled you to put pen to paper more often? PR offers this opportunity in abundance.

You’re the organiser of the group

The communications industry doesn’t move slowly and there are often 100 different things happening at once. Time management and organisational skills are the bread and butter of every PR person’s expertise. So, if you’re the organiser for your family and friends, you’ve probably already got the basic requirements nailed!

You’re a people person

As the ‘middle-man’ between business and journalist, PR professionals often have a lot of different people to keep happy. Therefore, if you love being around different people and aren’t shy in picking up the phone, perhaps this could be the occupation for you.

So, to all those variety craving, media consuming, passionate, friendly, organised writers…please step up! You could be missing out on your one true calling…

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