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Kelly Pepworth
Managing Director

With thriving sectors such as financial and professional services, food and drink, tech and manufacturing, Bristol is a fantastic place for a creative agency like ours to thrive.

As one of the biggest PR agencies based in Bristol, we attract talent from across the region and pull in highly skilled people from London who want to move out of the City but work in an agency with an international outlook and great client portfolio.

The PR industry itself is thriving in the region, from start-ups and specialist independents to in-house teams and a burgeoning freelance market. Businesses of all sizes are increasingly recognising the need for reputation elevation and management and strong communications strategies, highlighting the importance of this crucial strand of marketing. Listed as one of the top ten cities outside London best positioned to support growth and provide the greatest opportunities for businesses to expand, it’s easy to see why a forward-thinking, media and technology savvy industry like PR might thrive here.

Client loyalty is priceless

But growth is not just about being in the right place at the right time. At Speed, retaining our clients is just as important as gaining new ones. The cost of finding new business is significantly more than retaining our existing client base and for this reason, we are focused on building long-term relationships.

Relationships with clients may begin with a specific piece of work or channel, say CEO profile building or social community management, and then evolve over time as the company progresses on its communication journey. For example, we have worked with a client for six years which began with a trade media engagement brief just in the UK and now covers the whole of Europe, spanning thought leadership, white paper creation, speech writing and social media management.

Establishing a Point of View

For clients, PR agencies are just as much business consultants as communications experts. In today’s confusing multichannel world, when it’s harder than ever to stand out and be heard this is vital. Determining what you say and having a point of view on issues that count is as important as how you say it. For a lot of businesses this is really challenging, particularly in the currently uncertain political and economic situation – what is it about them and their offer that makes them different? How do they scale up their bravery to speak out on the things that really matter to their customers? As such, agencies must get close to their clients, helping them maximise the thinkers in their business and what makes them special, to then craft impactful content for the right channels to reach and engage the right audience.

The art of creating genuine client value

Many of the Marketing Directors and leadership teams we work with face the same challenges regardless of their sectors or locations. We see ourselves as a thinking agency and a conduit for learning and insight, giving clients the benefit of the wide range of businesses we work with by sharing research, creative approaches and executions, applications for new technology and media which adds value to their role and ultimately business. We aim to add value to our clients above and beyond just delivering against a brief; this is what makes Speed different to other agencies and clients feel it from the moment they come on board.

The saying goes that ‘a customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’. Our clients stay with us because we care about their business and their success; if they grow we grow.

Lambert Smith Hampton’s (LSH) UK Vitality Index 2017.

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