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Speed Read – Controversial Campaigns and Fur Finito

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The Friday Speed Read

Every week, the Speed Read embarks on a quest with the Knights of the Round Table to battle the Black Knight, the perilous Castle Anthrax and a killer rabbit to retrieve the Holy Grail of this week’s news stories.

In the words of Adele: ‘Hello, it’s me.’ I must be doing something right, because the powers that be have once again allowed the feminist millennial to take on the elite Speed Read baton this week (I hate myself for identifying as that now, though). Hopefully, readers won’t react in the same way as the Daily Mail did when ‘The Bodyguard’ first aired: ‘Why are there so many women in Beeb’s new thriller?’

This week’s Monday motivation came in the form of the start of Autumn: according to Daily Express, we should be seeing September as the time for new beginnings. It’s adult back to school! Plus, the Daily Mail reported that the warm weather is due to last until October, which creates the perfect atmosphere for a life refresh.

The Times featured some ‘interesting’ guidance issued by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) about what women are like this week. The guidance states all women are vain, emotional, vulnerable and caring. If they’re not, they must be from the North where women are ‘aggressive’. Thanks for letting us know BACP.

Nike has been in the centre of a social media storm after choosing ex-American footballer Colin Kaepernick as the latest face of their campaign. Kaepernick is known for protesting against ongoing racial injustice and police brutality by kneeling during the US national anthem before a game. Backlash against Nike’s appointment has come in the form of a hashtag play on their tag line, #justburnit, where protesters post images of their burnt Nike merchandise across social channels. However, there’s also been an outpouring of support. It’s been discussed worldwide, so you can’t deny the brilliance of the campaign, even if it is controversial.

On Wednesday, The i reported that Radio 3 are jumping on the mindfulness trend by introducing a new ‘music-free’ slot in the schedule called ‘Slow Radio’. The programme will broadcast sounds of lions and monkeys at dusk to send listeners into a meditative state before bed. Lovely.

According to a study by the Institute of Public Policy Research released by Sky Data this week, the public believe the UK economy isn’t working, particularly for young people. Perhaps it’s time for a fundamental reform in the age of the millennial? Suggestions supported by the majority of Brits included an increase in the minimum wage, a Bank of England policy to keep house prices from rising and the establishment of a publicly owned investment bank.

On Thursday, the 2019 Good Pub Guide was published. The Guardian reported that the guide is calling for pubs to ‘ditch the fancy food’. Apparently, pub-goers want classic pub grub, not foams and edible sand – madness! The Good Food Guide was also published, including an incredible 35 Bristol restaurants (I’m not being biased or anything but #bristolforlife).

To improve Thursday even further, The Daily Telegraph stated that misogyny could become a hate crime under a new law, following the criminalisation of ‘upskirting’. Keep all ‘back in the kitchen’ jokes to yourselves, please. Turns out, female monkeys have the right idea. According to research by St Andrews University, they don’t trust the opposite sex, and would rather copy their female friends’ methods for obtaining food, even if the technique used by males is superior!

So, it’s Friday, and Burberry has announced they will stop burning unsold goods and using real fur with immediate effect. They actually reacted rather quickly, after the backlash against the news in July that they destroyed £26.8m of unsold clothes, accessories and perfume just last year in an effort to protect the brand. Burberry has long been barraged by campaigners, so it’s a huge move forward in fashion. The Sun also reported that Carlsberg is planning on replacing the plastic ring can holders used for beer multipacks with recyclable glue, cutting their plastic packaging by three quarters.

Although, talking about sustainability, if you’re 40 and about to go vegan… you’re probably having a midlife crisis, according to new research by Bupa Health Clinics. Another indicator includes signing up for a ‘Tough Mudder’ competition. Just mentioning in case anyone needs an intervention.

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