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How do you get shortlisted for the PR Moment Awards?

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Speed Profile Team

Awards season 2019 has kicked off in earnest, and we’re off to a flyer after bagging a finalist spot at the PR Moment Awards.

The PR Moments are the first awards of the New Year, which means they’ll set a benchmark for the rest of 2019, and we beat off stiff competition to make it onto the shortlist in the Boutique Agency of the Year category. Well done team!

So, while we’re still limbering up for another hard-fought year of awards competition, here are some of Speed’s tips for awards success:

  • Give yourself time

If the deadline is tomorrow and you’re only just looking at it now, we hope you haven’t got much else urgent on your agenda. This needs to be an immaculately written, clearly articulated narrative document designed to show your brand or business in its best possible light.

Most awards cost money to enter, which will be wasted if you don’t give the entry document proper attention. Some awards ask you to send hard-copies, and the deadlines might be different for these, so double check. Nobody enjoys a last minute dash.

  • Pay attention to the criteria

Put yourself in the judges’ seat. You’ve got a stack of entries to read. You’re looking for any reason to eliminate entries. The judging criteria aren’t guidelines, they’re requirements. And if an entry doesn’t articulate precisely how it has smashed every one of them, it’s going straight into the reject pile.

  • Add flavour

In the narrative of a great awards entry, triumph over adversity is a great way to stand out. Often, if you drill down into a project, the little personal stories you find can add great flavour. Don’t be afraid to talk about things going wrong where there’s a great story about how the situation was saved.

  • Why should you win?

At the beginning of the document, clearly state why your entry should win. Awards don’t always ask for this. Do it anyway. Make it as easy as possible for the judges to see the value in your entry. Try and get it down to one sentence. ‘We believe this is a winning entry because…’. If you struggle with this, perhaps you should rethink whether this award is for you.


There’s a bit of an art to crafting a awards entry, and every event is slightly different. But awards are a feature of virtually every industry, so they can constitute a highly effective element of a brand or business’s profile-building and communications plan. If you’d like to talk to one of our specialists about how award strategy can help boost your business, please get in touch.

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