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Call & Check: The simplest ideas are the best ones.

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Laura Rowlands
Associate Director, Consumer & Lifestyle

Sometimes the best solutions to the biggest problems come from the simplest ideas.

And when it comes to problems, social care is one of the biggest. Loneliness and isolation can seem insurmountable for many of the older and more vulnerable people in our society.

Which is why we’re so thrilled to be working with Call & Check, the name behind an idea that’s so fundamentally simple and good, it takes literally seconds to understand.

In 2012, Jersey Post employee Joe Dickinson saw people in his community growing increasingly isolated and lonely. And he had a thought.

Why not ask postal delivery staff to check on these people? As Joe himself says, the postal service is the only service with the infrastructure to visit every home every day.

Posties could check on vulnerable people’s wellbeing, flag any problems with relevant charities or healthcare organisations and, crucially, just give a friendly ‘hello’.

Trials began in Jersey the following year and proved a massive success.

Not only did the scheme ease the burden on local social care services, but the collaboration knitted the community more closely together, gave posties a valuable social role, and motivated many in the local community to take better care of their neighbours or volunteer for social care themselves.

Most importantly, vulnerable elderly people and their families were reassured that someone they could trust would be regularly looking in on them.

The scheme has won widespread praise, awards and national recognition, and is now being trialed in three more areas of the UK as part of the government’s new loneliness strategy.

Our communications specialists are assisting this effort, helping Call & Check raise support and awareness, and handling the significant media attention.

And with governments and healthcare providers from around the world interested in applying the scheme in their own countries, we’re hugely excited to be involved in the next phase of this brilliant story.

Find out more about Call & Check here:

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