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Inspiration: Shutterstock’s ‘Overhyped Festival Video’

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Shutterstock’s clever take on the now infamous Fyre Festival promotional video is our inspiration this month.

The folly of Fyre Festival and the expose documentaries that followed shook the influencer marketing world to its very bones.

The organisers spent an untold fortune on marketing, including a rumoured $250,000 paid to Kendall Jenner for a single Instagram post, but had little in the way of a business plan or strategy to bring their ambitious promises to fruition.

Here’s the original Fyre promo film :

The excess associated with this now infamous pre-event promotional video, featuring luxury yachts, supermodels and exotic locations would put most marketing professionals into a cold sweat.

This wasn’t lost on the team at Shutterstock, a content licensing platform that’s popular with marketers around the world, who realised they could recreate Fyre Festival’s glitzy promo video using just the stock footage they offer their customers.

Shutterstock estimated that the Fyre Festival organisers spent an estimated $160,000 on their video.

They created theirs for $5,000.

And here’s Shutterstock’s take on the original:

“We thought it would be a great way to show marketers and creative teams that you can truly create anything you want from our 12 million video clips and tens of thousands of music tracks,” said Lou Wiess, Shutterstock’s Chief Marketing Officer.

The result brilliantly articulates Shutterstock’s value proposition. But more than that, harnessing global interest in Fyre Festival, specifically the marketing element of that story, generated a huge brand profile boost across social media and in the marketing trade press.

To find out more, visit Shutterstock’s official write-up of the story.

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