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A ‘Speedy’ peek at emerging food and drink trends

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Helen Collingborn
Associate Director

Trends – at Speed we’re obsessed with them. Understanding which trends will grow is an important driver for business growth.

We explore trends frequently through constant industry research and analysis, which is why we recently partnered with our industry friends at The Caterer to gather an eclectic mix of the brightest minds in the sector and hear their views on evolving consumer attitudes and behaviours.

The full summary of that discussion can be found here.

The three key themes any business or brand within the food and drink arena should be incorporating into their plans are:

Trend 1: Experisenses: For people to get out of their homes and pay money – there needs to be more than a photo opportunity. Consumers now want more fulfilment when out of home which enriches their life and senses.

Speed tip: Think beyond your product offer on how your brand can enhance and add further value to your target consumer’s life. Help them learn something new, make a connection or have a memorable experience.

Trend 2. Nyoutrition: The rise of nutrition that is based on an individual’s lifestyle preferences. You don’t have to be a vegan to eat vegan food. Choice is key!

Speed tip: Be up to speed and clear on your target audience’s evolving lifestyle habits. Contact us to request Bray Leino and Speed’s upcoming 2019 trends report to see how UK attitudes and preferences are changing and ensure your brand can meet the evolving array of eating and drinking interests.

Trend 3. Tech Away Food: The Industry is embracing technology in new ways from faster payment solutions in QSR to augmented reality to ingredient information and how we communicate with consumers.

Speed tip: Keep an eye on new IT developments and how industry brands are using them to enhance the consumer experience. Voice technology such as Alexa and Google Assistant is set to be the next big disruptor. Brands need to provide value through voice tech consumer touchpoints. For example, pairing voice with visual platforms will elevate usage and provide a sticker experience.

From September we will be releasing an additional three insights per month with advice from our Speed experts on the opportunities various trends present and how to prepare and react to them.

Watch this space!

Contact us if you’d like to receive information on Speed’s trends masterclasses, a wider Food and Drink trends report or get an overview of new technologies from one of our digital experts.

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