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Food and drink trends

What’s influencing buying decisions in 2019?

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Helen Collingborn
Associate Director

Predicting which trends will ripen and which will waste away is how we keep our clients ahead of the competition and prepared for disruption.

To provide fact-based strategic advice in the current climate, we need to understand the impacts of political turmoil and economic uncertainty – the pessimism or fervour they evoke in consumers and the buying behaviour that results.

And for that we need data.

Which is why this year we’ve joined forces with our fellow MISSION group agency Bray Leino to help deliver the 2019 Food and Drink Report.

It comprises over 1,000 survey responses to questions around food and drink attitudes and behaviours, from a representative cross section of the UK public.

Some of the questions we examine in the report include:

  • What are they key factors influencing food and drink buying decisions today?
  • How is the balance between veganism and flexitarianism changing?
  • Which UK consumers are most concerned with healthy eating?
  • Which healthy eaters walk the walk but don’t talk the talk?
  • What is fuelling the slow decline of dairy and what is replacing it?
  • How is the UK’s relationship to alcohol consumption changing?
  • And how does it all break down by gender, region, and the Brexit voting divides between Remain and Leave?

To download The 2019 Food & Drink Report, visit Bray Leino.

Analysis of these trends allows us to create strategic content and influencer programmes around the key issues of the day. It allows us to deliver brand messaging and promotion that harnesses themes already resonating with the media, businesses and consumers.

To speak to a Speed specialist about which trends your brand should be leveraging, get in touch today.

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