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Ben Rogers
Account Manager, Business & Corporate

Every month, our Speed Inspired sessions look at brilliant examples of communications and campaigns that stand out from the crowd. This month we were inspired by Women’s Aid’s Survivor Survey. Here’s why…

Since the pandemic reared its ugly head back in March, there’s been an uprising of support to help the country fight back against COVID-19.

Much of the focus has been on the NHS, and rightly so given the key role they’re playing in helping the vulnerable and those unfortunate enough to have caught the disease. From clapping for our carers every Thursday evening, to Virgin Money’s ‘Run for our Heroes’ campaign which to date has raised more than £5.2m for the NHS, it’s been hard to miss the great work being done across the country during these difficult times.

However, with so much focus on supporting our essential workers it’s arguably more difficult than ever before for charities and other worthy causes to gain the traction they deserve. Women’s Aid didn’t let that stop them from making sure vulnerable women and children continue to get the support they need though.

The unseen consequences of lockdown

At a time when it seems the country is rallying together to overcome COVID-19, the very real issue of domestic abuse may not be one that immediately springs to mind. This was the issue Women’s Aid needed to overcome, especially with its latest Survivor Survey highlighting more than two thirds of survivors told the charity that domestic abuse is escalating in lockdown.

To cut through the noise, Women’s Aid produced a brilliant video entitled ‘The Lockdown’ which successfully engrains its key message into the forefront of the viewer’s mind in a 40-second clip which plays on the eeriness of silence perfectly.

The video focuses on completely deserted areas of London filmed during lockdown, interspersed with two sentences of text that force those watching to stop in their tracks:

Domestic abusers are no longer walking amongst us. They’re locked inside with their families.

This is an outstanding piece of content which once shared on its social channels was retweeted more than 220 times and helped drive the charities key messages to a national audience, with coverage appearing in the likes of Independent, The Sun and a wide variety of regional titles.

It just goes to show, sometimes the simplest ideas really are the most impactful.

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