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Creating a positive brand experience with a European-sized comms strategy

Bigblu asked us to devise a multi-country social comms strategy that would help them to overcome negative sentiment in the UK while supporting their aggressive expansion across Europe, to cement its positioning as a leader in satellite broadband.

As part of the ongoing activity, we’ve developed a European content strategy with a focus on markets with growth opportunities to drive ROI and support wider marketing and sales initiatives through tailored messaging. This has been combined with a detailed and hardworking community management process involving training of the internal customer service team which has been successful in managing and minimising negative comments to boost brand reputation.


Developed over 114 multi-country posts to solidify brand positioning and launched 7 country pages with a 4% average growth rate to date. On the UK page over 200 customer issues have been managed and we’ve experienced 1,555% increase in contributed social conversion referrals and 75% increase in Facebook web referrals.